Chawal Ke Namoone- (Rice Specialties)

Garam Shorba- (Soups)

Gosht Ki Rasoi - (Lamb Entrees)

Indo-Chinese Dishes

Meethe Sapne

Murgh Ki Rasoi- (Chicken Entrees)

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

Roti- (Indian Breads)

Traditional Indian cuisine, besides the vegetables and rice, also consists of bread, which we
bake in our specially-imported clay oven. We will be glad to assist you with your selections
as certain breads compliment each dish.

Salads, Yogurts & Accompaniments

Shikara Chef’s-Recommendations

Selected by our chefs, the following platters will give you a fine taste of our diverse menu.
Each is served with Basmati Rice and Nan

Shuruvaat (Vegetarian Appetizers)

All appetizers are served with both hot and sweet chutney. Our hot chutney is made of
fresh coriander, mint, green peppers, onions & fresh lemon juice blended together with a
variety of imported spices. The sweet chutney is made with tamarind, brown sugar and
spices. Together, these chutneys offer a perfect balance of sweet and spicy to complement
any of our delicious appetizers.

South Indian Specialities

Swaad Samunder Se- (Seafood Entrees)

Tandoori Specials

Tandoori is an ancient Indian style of cooking various kinds of traditional dishes. The
food is prepared in a clay oven, which is heated by charcoal and an open pit fire. The
combination of the freshly ground spices and the smoky flavor makes these dishes unique
to Indian cuisine.

Vaishnav Bhojan- (Vegetarian Entrees)

Mehkhane Se

(Form Our Bar)



Sparkling Wine


Our House Wines




Indian Beers


Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum



Single Malt Scotch

After Dinner Drinks